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Instructions for filling the form:

  • Kindly fill complete and correct information in relevant column.
  • Applicant will be solely responsible for incomplete or incorrect information
  • Applicant is requested to note the request id for future tracking of the application.
  • Please provide the correct nearest consumer number, so that your request can be assigned to proper MSEDCL field office.
  • The applicant will be contacted by MSEDCL officer /Call Center Representative on email/mobile provided by you for verification.
  • Please download New Connection Form and keep ready duly filled in and signed with required documents (which are mentioned on A1 Form).
  • Click here for help regarding filling New Connection Request.
  • Email address is mandatory and either Phone number or Mobile number is mandatory.
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I/we make the following declaration;

  • to abide by the provisions of the Electricity Act 2003 and Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission Electricity Supply Code and other conditions of Supply.
  • to pay for the supply of electricity based on the prevailing tariff rates of MSEDCL
  • to pay for all other proper charges as become due in accordance with above regulation and approved schedule of charges of MSEDCL.
  • to deposit such security as MSEDCL may be entitled to be required from me/us under the above Act and Regulations.
  • to undertake to avail supply within one month from the date the MSEDCL intimate that it is ready to supply to our premises failing which I/we undertake to pay the MSEDCL the minimum charges as may be applicable.
  • The above information is true and if any false information is observed, I will be fully responsible for the same.
  • In the event of death of individual I/We hereby nominate to receive or adjust the deposit outstanding in my/ our name to

I/ we agree to the terms and conditions

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