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Form "U" - Change of Name

Instruction for filling the form:

  • Kindly fill complete and correct information in relevant column.
  • Applicant will be solely responsible for incomplete or incorrect information
  • Applicant is requested to note the request id for future tracking of the application.
  • The applicant will be contacted by MSEDCL officer /Call Center Representative on email/mobile provided by you for verification.
  • Email address and Mobile number is mandatory.
  • Please Click Here to upload mandatory relevant document for Name change.
  • Please Click Here to know your relevant document for Name change.
  • For transfer of Security Deposit, old consumer should give consent, in absence of such consent incoming consumer will pay security deposit.
  • In case of arrears, this application will not be processed and intimation will be sent to new consumer.
  • Name Change request would be accepted Online only.
  • No Physical documents to be submitted at any of the MSEDCL offices.
  • Note: For correction in spelling please select option no. 10 in purpose of transfer tab(No Documents are required.)
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  Details of New Consumer  
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  Purpose of Transfer/Correction in Name  
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I hereby declare that

      I will abide by the provisions of Electricity Act 2003 and Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Electricity Supply Code and other conditions of Supply) Regulation 2005.I will further abide by rules & regulations issued by regulatory bodies & MSEDCL from time to time. I will pay the electricity bill as per prevailing MSEDCL Tariff. If the premises is declared unauthorized then at the time of vacation by competent authority, MSEDCL will have liberty to remove the electric connection immediately.
      The above information is true and if any false information is observed, I / we will be responsible for the consequence thereof.

I/ we agree to the terms and conditions

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Please Click Here to upload mandatory relevant document for Name change after submit.

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