Consumption Calculator

The Consumption Calculator enables you to calculate the estimated total power consumption for a month. It takes you through a series of steps to help you determine your power consumption. After the power consumption is calculated, it also helps you to estimate the monthly bill for your calculated power consumption.

To calculate the consumption for a particular month,

  1. Click Consumption Calculator on the main Web Self Service home page. The Consumption Calculator for a Month screen is displayed.


The Consumption Calculator for a Month screen contains the following fields and buttons.

Fields and Buttons



Shows the appliance that you use.


Shows the wattage of the corresponding appliance. An appliance can have more than one wattage option, in that case, the entry in the Particulars field would not have a repeated corresponding entry in the Appliance field.

How Many?

Enter the number of appliances that you use in a day. Leaving this field blank will indicate that you are not using the appliance.


Enter the number of hours in a day for which the appliance is used.

  1. Enter the quantity and the time period for the appliances that you use.
  2. Click Next to go the next page and click Back to go back to the previous page. The amount of units consumed until now is displayed in the description above the Appliance field.
  3. Continue clicking Next, until you reach the end of the list.
  4. Click Estimate Your Consumption, to estimate the total units consumed. The Know Your Estimated Monthly Consumption in Units screen is displayed. The monthly consumption in units is mentioned there (highlighted in red border).


  1. After calculating your total consumption, click calculate the bill link to go to the Energy Bill Calculator.

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