Creating a Disconnection Request

After logging in to the system, and navigating to the My Account screen, you can request for disconnection of a power connection.

To create a request for disconnection,

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select a consumer, and then click Disconnection Request. A New Disconnection Request screen is displayed.


The New Disconnection Request screen contains the following fields and buttons.

Fields and Buttons


Consumer Number

Shows the consumer number of the consumer.

BU/Circle Code

Shows the BU (Business Unit) or Circle Code to which the consumer belongs.


Shows the name of the consumer.


Shows the address of the consumer.


Shows the pincode of the address of the consumer.


Shows the landline number of the consumer.


Shows the email id of the consumer.

Mobile 1

Shows the first preferred mobile number of the consumer.

Type of Disconnection

Select the type of disconnection. You can select either Temporary Disconnection or Permanent Disconnection.

Disconnection Requested Date

Click calendar_icon.png to select the date for the disconnection.


Enter relevant details related to the disconnection request.


Click to create the disconnection request.

  1. Enter relevant data in the fields.
  2. Click Submit to create the disconnection request.

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