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"The Practice Direction dated 26.05.2021 will remain valid till 31 March,2022. The last date of accepting online change application through this facility will be 28.3.2022 24.00 Hrs"
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Note: For HT consumers,Contract Demand should be greater than 200 KVA.For LTIP consumers,Contract Demand should be greater than 20 KVA.
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  • I will abide by the provisions of Electricity Act 2003 and MERC (Electricity Supply Code and Standard of Performance of Distribution Licensee including Power Quality) Regulations, 2021.I will further abide by rules & regulations issued by regulatory bodies & MSEDCL from time to time. I will pay the electricity bill as per prevailing MSEDCL Tariff. If the premises is declared unauthorized then at the time of vacation by competent authority, MSEDCL will have liberty to remove the electric connection immediately.The above information is true and if any false information is observed, I / we will be responsible for the consequence thereof.

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